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A vital part of this is the brand’s sustainable fashion designed by MM Milano’s Philippine Chief Designer & Founder Chona Bacaoco.

In her dresses she combines traditional practices & natural organic materials from for example local hand-weaving Filipino communities with individual modern designs from Italy. Her work already was recognized several times on international stages as “Best International Designer". 

Chona was born in Iloilo City and grew up in the small island of Guimaras, Iloilo in the Philippines, famous for the world’s sweetest mangoes and popular for the wild nature. The deep blue waters of the ocean, the white sandy beaches, the intense sunlight glare, the deep green of the tropical vegetation.

These elements blended together, matured within herself through phases of her life and became the foundation of her concept of beauty and sustainable designs.

MM Milano is a Sustainable Brand from Milan, Italy uniting the attributes of Fashion, Talent Development, Music & Movies at unforgettable events around the world.

MM Milano Founder Chona Bacaoco, Sustainable Designer from Milan, Talent Consultant
Chona Bacaoco
Sustainable Designer
Talent Consultant
Event Organizer

“Fashion that brings together”

To create a perfect harmony between the brand’s fashion and talents at MM Milano’s unforgettable events, it is one of the first brands to produce and play its very own runway music composed by music artist Andréas Volkmar.

We are convinced that a successful fashion show arises by bringing people, dresses and music together, to create a perfect harmony.

A Runway is more than a stage to showcase a designer's new clothing collection. We are working on a concept to entertain the audience by telling a thrilling story that will be performed on the stage in form of a musical runway event. It also offers a good basis for a program or movie.

Furthermore, MM Milano develops Global Talents in different fields like modelling, singing, acting or dancing. This is done by offering unique projects and opportunities, and introducing the talents to the world of sustainable fashion, diversity and social responsibility, e.g. by holding joint workshops around environmental and social consciousness.

MM Milano Co-Founder Andreas Volkmar, Music Composer, Talent Consultant

An important part for MM Milano’s team personally and as a global brand is the commitment through the MM Foundation to contribute to creating equal opportunities. Therefore, the brand is shaping initiatives like its “back-to-school project” where it allows children in its local Philippine communities to visit their schools and get access to education.


“We will bring sustainable-values to life!" (Martin Volkmar)

Our vision is to create a sustainable and fair high-fashion and lifestyle brand for the environment and its people by respecting ecological and social criteria in our business and daily life.

We are convinced that we as a company and conscientious people can offer environment-friendly solutions and treat everyone involved with the same esteem and respect.

We will show you that your fashion and your lifestyle can be environment- & society-friendly and elegant at the same time.

MM Milano Chief Sustainability Officer Martin Volkmar, @cso_martin
Martin Volkmar
Chief Sustainability Officer
Business Consultant

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