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Fashion Events around the globe

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MM Milano - Moth Collection - Pluto - LAFW.jpg

At the prestigious LA Fashion Week 22 MM Milano was showcasing new sustainable designs that were inspired by the story of moths.

Chona Bacaoco_Fashion Show_edited.jpg

Also in New York our journey was accompanied by a professional production team that is turning our events, into an exciting documentary.


Pluto line by MM Milano is the first-of-its-kind project where Chona and MM Milano Talent PLUTO worked together on creating futuristic fashion.


MM Milano has kicked off a never-before-seen concept named “HOME OF FASHION WEEK” during Milan Fashion Week.

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HOME of Fashion Week Texas included an amazing photoshoot, the production of our fashion film, a workshop and an incredible final fashion show.

MM Milano Celestial Collection

We held a 3-Day-Event with our global talents coming together to form a conscious community in fashion, sustainability and social responsibility

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