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Fashion Shows & Events

MM Milano organizes Fashion Shows with Celebrity Designers from around the world.

This also provides a great opportunity for our Agency's Talents to walk the biggest runways, incl. in New York, LA; Paris, Milan, Dubai.

We further hold spectacular Events in fashion, music, and entertainment, emphasizing Diversity, Inclusion, Equality & Sustainability in the industry.

Events Start
Home of Fashion Week New York-MM Milano.jpg

In New York, our journey was accompanied by a professional production team which is turning our events into an exciting documentary.


Milan 2023

We produced Michael Cinco among others at our event 'HOME of Fashion Week' during Milan Fashion Week in February 2023.

Events - Website (photo)_I.png

HOME of Fashion Week Texas included an amazing photoshoot, the production of our fashion film, a workshop and an incredible fashion show with live music.


We held a 3-Day-Event with our global talents coming together to form a conscious community in fashion, sustainability and social responsibility.


MM Milano Kids, Teens and Adults are walking for Celebrity Designer Michael Cinco among others at our event HOME of Fashion Week, Paris in September 2023.


Hollywood 2022

At the prestigious LA Fashion Week, international Influencers were showcasing MM Milano's new sustainable designs, inspired by the story of moths.


MM Milano has kicked off a never-before-seen concept named “HOME OF FASHION WEEK” during Milan Fashion Week.

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