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Sustainable Development
Goals (SDGs) 

We are part of the

UN Fashion & Lifestyle Network

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Our Values in Action

It is nice to have your values written down on paper as a vision you follow. However, the more important part is actually living your values, and creating positive impact. Through our team, and thanks to our great global client community and partners worldwide, MM Milano is able to advance its vision of “Bringing our Values to Fashion and beyond”.

In this blog we are happy to share with you how our people, projects and services bring our values to life: INCLUSION, ACCEPTANCE, OPPORTUNITIES, SUSTAINABILIYTY

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Creating a global client community to promote
our values 

MM Milano is proud to have formed a constantly growing community of wonderful clients from all over the world living the brand's vision and values. Our clients are brought together during events, activities and fashion shows worldwide. They enjoy working with and learning from each other, sharing their individual experiences and cultures.
MM Milano wants to provide their clients with a safe and trustful environment to talk about what is important to them, to feel integrated and included, and be able to pursue their dreams together. “Being different” by being the person you want to be, is more than appreciated!

Our Clients act as
Change Agents

Our clients stand for their values and what they belief in. By creating an active community of personalities, attending events worldwide, our clients do get the opportunity to demonstrate their values, and jointly advocate for more inclusion, acceptance and sustainability in fashion, entertainment, and beyond.
For instance, the MM Milano team organizes Get Together with their clients to discuss current issues around sustainability and social responsibility. During these events we make sure important values are addressed – during our event at the US-Mexican border, the importance of inclusion and integration was addressed by many participants, incl. the mayor of the city of Hidalgo.

Making sure our voices
are heard

Advocacy is successful when it reaches people, and makes them listen and think. The MM Milano team therefore ensures that our change agents, and their messages and actions appear in the world’s media. From our clients' heartbreaking experiences throughout their life, to our clients’ first experiences as a sustainable designer, you’ll find it all here:

Buddhist Monks

We want to start an open dialogue on consequences of exclusion, rejection and discrimination – and the importance of acceptance and tolerance

This is of highest importance in an industry that, for decades, has been driven by a few ideals of beauty and perfection, putting a lot of pressure on everyone trying to start a career in fashion and entertainment, and leading to massive exclusion and rejection.

Through our work with our clients and partners, MM Milano wants to demonstrate the importance of acceptance, and feeling comfortable and confident with the person you are.

We will encourage our clients to speaking up for their own cases, and creating awareness around the essential importance of acceptance and tolerance.

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We want to help provide access to equal opportunities

For instance, one of our clients experienced several setbacks and discrimination in her ambitions of starting a career in fashion due to not fulfilling the “standard criteria”. This had a dramatic impact on her mental well-being and lead to separating herself from her family and environment for a long time.
By including her, and accepting who she is, and giving her the chance to start showing her skills on international runways, her conditions rapidly improved, and she made a lot of new friends, many of them confronted with the same issues she was facing. We have seen her walking and in front of the camera for MM Milano and other big international brands.

It is never too late to start your career

You thought being in your 20s is the perfect age for starting a career on global runways? Well, you are wrong.
The 84 year old Frank Lam from New Jersey, USA, gave his runway debut during New York Fashion Week in September 2021, showcasing MM Milano’s new sustainable collection from natural hand-made materials. Frank, a well-known lawyer in his earlier life, made the crowd cheer non-stop, and rewarded them with his unforgettable hand kiss while floating over the runway.
After the show he told us: “This is not yet over – a new career has just started”. Find pictures of his iconic performance on our Instagram.

Sustainability Workshop Hablon DTI Weavers Philippines

Collaboration with women-led local weaving communities from the Philippines

MM Milano is working together with rural weaving communities in the Philippines. Their sustainable hand-woven fabrics made from natural fibers such as Abacá and pineapple, have been transformed into precious dresses and suits which MM Milano clients showcased in the world’s fashion capitals, incl. Paris, Milan, New York and Dubai.

MM Milano and the Department of Trade and Industry Philippines have further organized a workshop for the local weavers on organic farming practices and have provided support to local families to be able to send their children to school and give them access to education.

Designing with our clients to increase awareness of sustainability aspects in fashion

MM Milano is working with client designer on their first own collection, thereby introducing them to the world of sustainable practices, and the industry’s footprint on the environment.
Our clients themselves start using more sustainable materials in their collections, and become advocates for sustainability on social media and at international fashion weeks where they present their designs.

Open for Collaboration

You are interested in our projects and would like to be part of it or you are searching for a collaboration partner to start a new project?

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